5 Things to Remind Yourself When You’re About to Give Up

We’ve all been there. Trusting the wrong people, choosing unworthy friends, wrong decisions in life, a job or a manager that sucks, struggling to make meets end, quitting school, even thinking about quitting on yourself.

But admit it. There are just things that keep you from actually GIVING UP. And sadly, we are often overwhelmed by our emotions that we sometimes purposely give up on the reasons not to give up.

Yes it hurts.  But before you raise that white flag, here’s some things you need to remind yourself:

1. Remember the Reason Why You Started

Think about why you started off in the first place. Was it the money? The happiness it brings you? Weigh it out. Think about yourself first and foremost and forget everyone and everything else that is involved – if the reason still exists after thinking this through, then it still is worth holding on. Whatever the rest of the factors are, keep reminding yourself about your goals and you will find that in no time, you will get right back on track.

2. Remember That You Are Important

You need to focus on yourself. You are beautiful, important – just like everyone else. Don’t let anyone win the game by allowing yourself to retreat and succumb into a corner. Remember the common saying: Just showing up is already half the battle won. Smile, and the world will smile with you.

3. There Will Always be People Who Loves You

Not everyone will be nice to you. That’a a fact. But there will always be people who loves you. Remind yourself that while you cannot please everybody, there’s still this group of friends and your family to talk to after a bad day. And remember to be thankful for that. Not everyone is as lucky.

4. Remember the Future

When people are mean to you, they can greatly affect your mood and the decisions you make. They will make you feel worthless and they would do everything to make you want to give up. Don’t. Always remember your worth and “remember the future”. Ironic, but true. You need to think practically. You need to know the consequences of giving up to your future. It’s so easy to walk away. But it’s not always easy to start anew without a solid plan.

5. Your Problems Are Temporary

Your problems too, shall pass. They will only linger a little longer if you allow them to. Have a positive mindset and remind yourself that there are many other things to care about than to dwell on something that’s only temporary. Have something to look forward to – be it a trip or an exciting personal project. This will keep you distracted from all the negative things you keep thinking about.

Despite the things listed above, I’m well aware that it’s not easy to not give up especially when you’re so worked up and especially if trust has been broken. When this happens, think about giving the other party, the situation, or yourself one last chance.

However, the final decision will always be in your hands.  Always put yourself first. Will you be happier with new environment and new people? Or will you stay and won’t let situations and people decide your own happiness?

Perhaps many people will choose the second option. But as I write about this topic, and wanting to give up on many things myself, it still pulls me back to walking away and giving up.

What’s your choice?

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