20 Signs You’re a Wandering Old Soul in this Modern World

Want to find out if you’re truly an old soul? Find out in the list that follows:

1. You Love the Classics

Piano key

Be it Literature, Music, or Movies – you always pick the ones that are timeless. When I was studying and even till now, I keep a playlist of classical music, birds humming and the sound beach waves. My definition of a movie marathon is The Godfather, Roman Holiday, or Before Sunrise series while people my age would normally suggest 50 Shades of Grey. And when it comes to book shopping, I go straight to “Literary Winners / Classics” section.

2. You Love Being Alone

Women life concept : young beautiful woman reading a book in the

While you do love being with people who you can resonate with, you always value the time you spend being alone. Most of the people I know hate eating alone, living alone, shopping alone, or even just the idea of being alone. I found it weird at first until I realized that I’m in the minority; I find peace and an ironic feeling of being more alive when I spend time with only myself.

3. You Love the Smell of Old Books and the Aroma of Freshly-Brewed Coffee

books with glasses lying on the floor

The way you sense things is similar to your grandmother’s. I always take time to smell the pages of an old book, to feel the texture of the paper, and to smell the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. For anyone who can relate with these, here’s additional vocabulary knowledge:

  • biblichor: (n.) the characteristic, faint, musty smell of old books that fills your nostrils when you enter an old library or an old bookstore;

4. You have Smaller but Relatively More Intimate Circle of Friends

Friendly conversation

While you are not necessarily an introverted person, you have a smaller but relatively closer group of friends you always call – or who always call you – in cases whereby being alone is not an option.

5. You Have a Fixed Mindset

cool chinese man holding a black frame

You are not materialistic, at least in the modern sense. You do not fancy the latest tech innovation or the latest iPhone model. Usually, you have your own set of standards and even if that certain standard is not on par with the more expensive counterparts, you feel happier with it. I love taking photos. So when I was faced with the dilemma of which phone model to use, the clincher was the megapixel even if my chosen model sucks in other specifications. As an old-soul, you know what you want from the beginning. Convincing and discouraging do not work for you once you’ve set your decision on something.

6. You are Thoughtful

Daughter feeding cookies to her mother in kitchen

You often think about life and the people in it so it comes in naturally that you always think of something to give to the people you care about. It’s not necessarily a material thing. Sometimes, you just want to drop an old friend a “how are you” message or cook a hearty meal for a neighbor. You have a big heart, because your soul is engineered to think it has wandered far greater distance and knows what this world wants.

7. You Love Handwritten Letters


You know emails and texting in this age are inevitable. But still, you find receiving handwritten letters extremely exciting and satisfying. For you, it’s the effort and the personalized touch that count the heaviest.

8. You Love Stationeries

Various types of stationery

As much as receiving handwritten letters, you love doing it yourself. A trip to your local bookstore won’t end without a stopover to stationeries and pens. You can even shop for stationeries longer than when you shop for a clothing item.

9. You Give Advice Beyond Your Years

little cute asian girl reading book at nature.
little cute asian girl reading book at nature.

You give advices as if you’ve live long enough to earn such wisdom. Your advices are nothing along the line of frankness and sarcasm. You give insights like how your grandmother would advise you as a child. This comes in so surprise because you are basically well-read and more observant than your peers. You understand life outside the realm of the present time that’s why you are able to give such meaningful advises.

10. You Don’t Go Along the Mainstream


The latest hip café in town – nah. The trendy origami skirts – “midis are also in!” The latest iPhone – “What for”? You have your own style, and as said before, when it comes to something, you already have a fixed and “older” mindset. You absolutely hate it when someone dictates what you should choose or how you should live your life according to the latest trends. Mainstream will never go in your vocabulary.

11. You Never Stop to Learn Something New

Couple of hikers

Your soul may be old, but your mind isn’t tired of continuously learning something new. You may not be interested in using the latest tech, but you will be interested in the knowledge behind it.

12. You Write Well


You do not rush. You stop and smell the roses and appreciate the small details in life: the smell of rain, the color combination of your food, the way that lady’s hair fall on her shoulders. It is also because of this observant characteristic that makes old souls great writers.

13. When You Travel, Partying or Bar-hopping is almost never an Option in Your Itinerary


When travelling, you prefer a quiet stroll along a pristine beach, a visit to that popular museum, a DIY tour in a historical, old town showcasing classical Architecture. Partying is almost never an option and you would prefer a quiet, intimate bonfire with your travel buddies.

14. You Have at Least One Close Friend who is Years Older than You

little kids as a architects

Simply because you can relate with each other well. When talking to this person, it’s as if you are at the same age level.

15. You Seldom Panic


You are a calm person. You are a wind passing by a busy marketplace. Perhaps because you are oblivious of what people are thinking of you. You are always aware, but you seldom show that you care.

16. You are a Morning Person


You love sunrises and sunsets. You love the sound of morning daylight. You love having your coffee while the world is still asleep – half an hour before their first alarms are set to ring. In short, you love getting ahead of everyone.

17. You’ve been Called Weird

Beautiful Girl jumping with balloons on the beach

You’ve heard people call you weird simply because your tastes and choices and different than theirs. Who cares though – you have zero concerns about this; you embrace the difference.

18. You Think About the Meaning of Life More Often

Silhouette of woman praying over beautiful sunrise background

You keep thinking about life and death, why humans are getting this limited time on Earth, why we love and get hurt, why we exist – all these things are common thoughts within an old-soul’s brains. And I think it’s beautiful.

19. You Keep a Physical, Handwritten Journal


Having a lot to think about, you keep a journal and usually writes about your ponderings during your alone time.

20. You Love Vintage Stuff

gorgeous young lady listening to music

You are not simply attracted to any old looking thing. An old soul’s mind goes way beyond that thinking. You are attracted to the memory behind that thing, the people behind it, the designer, the story. You love Vintage not because of its “oldness” but because of the mystery behind it.

Old-souls are valuable creatures. If you know one or if you are one, know your worth and don’t let the pressures of this modern world swallow your depth. From an old-soul to another, I want you to know that you are a precious, one of a kind person.

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