8 Things You Will Understand When You Are in LDR with Your Best Friends

Whether it’s a choice or a situation wherein you have no complete control, it sucks to be separated with people you’ve known for more than a decade and whom you call your best friends.

Yes you may meet new people in your new place, but the feeling is still different when you are with your original gang.

Here are some situations you can relate to if you’re miles away from your closest of friends:

1. You hate and love them for posting group photos without you

Group of friends taking selfie in urban backgroundOne second, you feel happy when you see them all still hanging out together – the same silly, familiar faces on your phone screen.

Then the next second, you feel angry and betrayed because “Why the hell did they not invite me?”

Then reality shoots.

The next seconds will then be spent on some pitiful realizations that yes, girl, you are the one who left them, although unwillingly.

And so, all you can do is like and like all those photos, and spamming their comment boxes with all the crying emojis…

2. You have an album of all your screenshots from all your video calls

Group of young people together outdoors in urban background

And so are they. Because who doesn’t love to keep all those duck and silly faces? Who knows when these photos will come in handy for future blackmailing purposes?

3. They become your most reliable source for the latest buzz in your hometown…


  • “Since when did they breakup?”
  • “There’s a newly opened hipster resto round the block! Let’s go there when you come home for the holidays!!!”
  • “I have a new crush.”
  • “I saw your brother with his new girlfriend!”
  • “I just farted.”

…or maybe not the latest and BIGGEST buzz, but whatever, between you and them, every detail is worth sharing.

4. You absolutely hate them for purposely posting your favorite local food

(sometimes, even cruelly letting you watch them eat LIVE)

Friends clicking photos of sweet foodBut somehow, you still hit the “heart” button.

5. You sympathize with their problems and so are they with yours

Sad woman hug her knee,nobodyFriendship knows no distance. When you hear about a friend’s loss or a recent heartache, you immediately send him/her a message or drop a call. It’s the least you can do to show them you care even without the physical hug and tap in the shoulder.

Much like when you have your hardships on your overseas job or studies, they’re the first ones that come to your mind (fam given) and they don’t hesitate to help in whichever way they can. In a place where you are all alone by yourself, your true friends will never let you feel that.

6. You celebrate their achievements, milestones and success – albeit virtually but sincerely


  • A very lengthy post on her 26th birthday,
  • Heartfelt congratulations with a touch of envy on herself a new boyfriend
  • A gift for your friend’s son which is actually your godson

You may not be there physically but you want them to feel you still care for them in one way or another.

7. Your reunions are always grand and memorable

ohgemt0And when it’s time for you to come home for the holidays, you make it a requisite to meet with your best friends on a grand note. Buffet, VIP rooms, longer hours of KTV sessions, perhaps an all-nighter.

Others may think it’s not necessary to spend extra for your friends, but you yourselves know that it it’s neither the food nor the service you are paying for.

You choose these activities because they simply allow you to spend more time with them.

It’s the time and the people you spend with that matter most.

8. Goodbyes are both happy and sad


When the last song ends or when the last piece of barbecue meat is taken, you know it’s time for the dreaded goodbyes. You are all happy for the time well spent but at the same time, sad it has to end.

So you face the reality once again and cannot do anything but to look forward to the next holidays to meet your friends and family.

It’s a long wait, but it always is worth it.

Home for the Holidays! (2016)

I never am a person with a lot of social circles. But as they say, “always choose quality over quantity”. I feel blessed to have someone to call my best friends. It’s been already a decade since we know each other. Looking forward to more! Cheers!

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  1. But for me it’s stil quantity over quality 😜😜😜😜 Hahaha! love you beastfriend forever since birth… 😍😍😘😘😘😘😘 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 this made me cry..


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